Originating from New York City, actress Conor Leslie’s talent for storytelling in front of the lens led her to find she had a passion for capturing life as she saw it from behind the lens as well.  Picking up her first camera at the age of fifteen, Leslie’s curiosity with photography compelled her to go beyond the digital generation she grew up in and dive into the art of film photography.  She climbs into the world of others, with a vision so persistent that the film and camera are only secondary props to Leslie’s craft of seeing and feeling the lives of her subjects.  It's with Leslie's astute eye for the subtleties that we pass by every day that come through in her photos which tend to capture a sense of rawness, tenderness, moments of sadness, moments of happiness, and love; honoring the range of truthful emotions that we all experience as human beings.  Over the last few years she has spent her spare time shooting street photography and portraits using a Pentax K1000, with the one constant goal of bearing witness and photographing a candid image of authenticity.  

Now residing in New York City, as an actress/writer/photographer, Conor Leslie's mediums of story telling continue to grow as her fascination with the intricacies of humanity and it’s condition showcase themselves wherever she wanders.  Whether it be on the streets of New York or at a gathering surrounded by friends, Leslie believes that these moments and little details can be captured by everyone- if we just have the awareness to open our eyes and see them.

Self(i.e.) : Me.